Budget and Economic Equity

Kansans should be able to support a family with their wages and benefits, and we should all be able to retire with dignity. Lawmakers must lower or reduce the food sales tax and review current tax policies in support of an equitable tax system. 

Local governments should have the authority to make their own property tax decisions and pass measures requiring private employers to pay a wage higher than the state or federal minimum wage. The State of Kansas bans local governments from doing so or from requiring private employers to provide any employee benefits or to pay compensation for leave. I support the reinstatement of prevailing wage and reversing the property tax lid.  

I have a background and education in public administration and professional local government management. I interned with the City of Grandview, MO where I orchestrated the budget process, and I was assigned the Museum and Planning Department budgets while I was a Senior Analyst in the Johnson County Manager’s Office. I know that the state budget should meet the needs of citizens while being fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars.