Sensible Gun Laws That Save Lives

We need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of people with dangerous histories by building bipartisan efforts to:

Support background checks on all gun sales

The Federal Government requires background checks at all federally licensed gun dealers but not on unlicensed sales at gun shows or online. Background checks have stopped over 3.5 million sales to prohibited purchasers since 1994. Kansas must close the gun show loophole and require background checks on private sales.

Keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers

The Kansas legislature overwhelmingly passed our state’s first Domestic Violence law in 2018, which keeps guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and it was signed into law by Governor Colyer. I worked tirelessly with the Kansas team of Moms Demand Action volunteers to support this bill that will save lives. However, there still needs to be an enforcement mechanism so that domestic abusers are required to relinquish the guns that they may already have to law enforcement for as long as they are prohibited from possessing them. I introduced HB 2251 to be sponsored by the House Federal and State Affairs Committee. The hearing on this bill provided information that will help us move forward on a better bill to introduce next session. 

Reinstate permits and training

Guns in the hands of untrained and potentially dangerous people do not make us safer. Kansas should pass a law that requires a permit and training for carrying a concealed weapon. I carried an amendment in Federal and State Affairs to reinstate permits and training, but the provision failed. 

Educate families on safe gun storage

Children and teenagers should never have unsupervised access to firearms. As a parent and a gun owner, I practice responsible gun ownership. Guns should be stored locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition.

Reverse guns on campus policy

Our state government should not force public universities to have to allow hidden, loaded guns on their campuses. Students can carry guns on campuses starting at age 18. 

Oppose dangerous gun laws

I will continue working to prevent our gun laws from being rolled back. I oppose bills to arm teachers or allow guns in K-12 classrooms. In 2021, the legislature lowered the age to carry a concealed firearm from 21 to 18. I voted NO, but this dangerous bill became law. We were told that weakening our gun laws would prevent crime, but violent crime has been steadily increasing since permitlesss carry was enacted in 2015.